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Why Buy from Us?

Why Buy From Us:


JAPSON has over 70 Years of Experience in the field of Laboratory Equipment. Experience helps us serve you the right way and pre-empt problems that we / you can face, thus guiding you properly.


JAPSON is a well recognized Brand in many countries and End-User accepts our product as a Quality Indian Origin Product.

Wide Product Range & Super-Market Approach to Laboratory Equipment:

In the field of Laboratory Equipments, you mostly find specialists, what we call Boutique Stores in common tongue. But JAPSON is a Super-Market for all your Laboratory needs. We can serve almost all your needs by virtue of our multiple production facilities and tie-ups with specialist technicians / OEMs.


We can offer you customization in form of minor product changes to complete product development or redesign. If you order in bulk, we can offer Your Branding on Products acting as your OEM.

Long Term View:

JAPSON looks at the Business from Long Term Perspective. We endeavour to supply Quality Products at Fair Prices to bag your orders Year after Year. We have learnt through experience that only-if our Customer Earns Profit from JAPSON Products, JAPSON earns from the customer in future.

Human Resource Capabilities:

JAPSON has an Experienced team with Technical and Managerial Capabilities right from Top Management to Packing Staff.

Quality Control:

With strict adherence to ISO 9001:2015 Quality standards, at JAPSON every product Lot that is supplied undergoes quality checks by Quality Team. This helps us deliver you fault-less products as per your requirements.


Last but most important point is the Scale at which JAPSON operates. Firstly it helps us offer Quality Products at Lower Price as a result of Economies of Scale. Secondly it also enable us complete Big Orders with ease as compared to suppliers not used to given scale of operation.